We are the Howards


Hey!  First of all, thanks for stopping by. Our names are Landon and Mickey and we'd love to get to know you, capture your big moments in life, and collaborate with you.  We are a newly married and overall goofy photography and cinematography team based out of Northern Virginia. We moved here for Mickey's full time ministry position as a Children's Ministry Director and we know Jesus will for sure use us here. We are about caring for people, learning about people, and sharing love with people. We love dance parties, most types of foods, all cultures, and basically anything with love.  We typically shoot weddings, engagements, and lifestyle across the East coast.  We love seeing what the world has to offer so we'd be willing to travel anywhere around the Earth!

We specialize in real, organic, and intimate moments. We know that the moments we capture are some of the most important in our couples' lifetimes. With that said, we won't try to over-pose you, we will ask you to be lovey, and Mickey will almost always (try to) make you laugh.  If you enjoy creativity, are ready to take adventures, and are willing to sometimes step outside of your comfort zone, we are a perfect match. 

Our goals? To capture you. Our values? You. Our hope? That we will become best friends. But really, we truly want to get to know you and your loved ones as much as possible all the while giving you something you can look back on for a lifetime.

Dessert Eater & Fancy Dancer | Landon
Coffee Drinker & Nap Taker | Mickey



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