Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Landon Howard. I am a photographer and videographer working in the Carolinas. I am also a full time student studying digital media at Anderson University in South Carolina. My summers and holidays, however, are spent at home in North Carolina. I have been working with both photography and videography for a few years now, and I have loved every second of it.


As a photographer, I specialize in people. I photograph events, weddings, and portraits. My goal is to capture personality with my camera. Part of this is accomplished through my shooting style. Stiff poses and cheesy props have their place, but I much prefer natural, journalistic style imagery. I believe that photos and videos exist to immortalize moments and emotions and my personal style reflects that.

This blog will feature my work and personal projects. I feel as though it is imperative that I push myself as a creative artist, therefore, I try to explore all different genres and techniques as a learning tool. As an artist, there is always room to grow. I have a heart and mind built for visual storytelling and I am constantly improving my craft.

I also believe in sharing and teaching. Photography is not easy. By this I mean that intentional, consistent, and high-quality image making is a complex process. It is a combination of natural talents, learned skills, and tons of practice. Videography is arguably even more complex. The technique and effort that goes into creating beautiful images is foreign to most people. Because of this, I will also use this blog to teach. I want to share my passion for these art forms. In order to do this, I will post “how-to posts” and behind the scenes material. This way, you can see what all goes in to my work and maybe learn something as well.

I encourage you to comment with any questions or comments you may have. This is my passion and I would love to share.

-Landon Howard