Tips for Behind the Scenes

For those who say, "cheese"

  • Be yourself.
    • We sometimes experience couples feeling uncomfortable or awkward in front of the camera. We've noticed that it has little to do with us but rather it has to do with what we're holding. When in front of the camera, pretend it isn't there. Remember that today (the day we are taking your pictures/video) is all about a key moment in your life. We want to capture who YOU are in that moment. That being said, if something doesn't fit your personality tell your photographer! They want the experience to go as smoothly and as enjoyable as possible. They want to experience who you are in that moment of life and get it on camera. Talk to your photographer as they shoot, tell them about yourself, laugh, be in love, giggle with your partner, be as comfortable in your own skin as you can be when someone is taking your picture. 
  • Trust our preparation.
    • This goes along with our first point. It's hard to be yourself if you don't trust that we have prepared for this day. Trust us...we have put hours into preparation for your special moment. By the day of your event, we will have received a schedule, talked with you about style, possibly seen your venue, and even developed areas for shooting. Don't be surprised if we let you laugh longer than you'd expect or move a piece of hair- we have learned who you are and what you like. We are confident that you will enjoy the memories we provide you. 
  • Have fun.
    • This is a big moment in your life- enjoy it! The more you have fun, the more we have fun. Your organic smiles, happy tears, and intimate moments display your personality throughout this huge moment of your day. We want to capture it all for you- when you look back at these timeless memories you should see how much fun you were having. 

For those who say, "smile!"

  • Be comfortable (physically and mentally).
    • Ultimately, no one can predict the weather. No one can say if you'll be walking through mud, hiking to the top of a dew covered hill, or even detect the wind on the day of the event. Come prepared. Take an extra pair of shoes, a sweater, or even a lightweight shirt in your car. If there's a chance food won't be served, bring snacks. If you know midway through the event you might get tired- pack an energy drink. Find ways to make yourself comfortable throughout the day. 
    • Be comfortable mentally. Trust yourself. Know that you have prepared for this day and that you have a voice. Speak up if something doesn't look right, demonstrate a pose, or adjust someone's tie. Be comfortable letting your other shooter know if you need a break. Go to sleep at a decent time the night before. If you are comfortable physically and mentally the day of, the client will be comfortable as well. 
  • Be prepared.
    • Know how to pose. A photographer should not wait until the day of to learn how to pose. Look up poses online, learn the couple or individual that you will be working with, learn the venue you will be shooting at. Ultimately, on the day of the event, the last thing the client should be thinking is that all of their photos will look the same.
    • Know the venue. If possible, visit the venue during a time and day similar to that of the event. Know where to and not to take your client. Observe backdrops, rocky footing, and lighting throughout the time of the event. 
    • Know the client. Learn what it is your client is looking for. Get to know their style and personality. Bring to light things that make them laugh. Know how comfortable they are in certain poses or positions. 
    • Know what the day will look like ahead of time. Pack your cameras, lenses, memory cards, snacks, and possible extra clothes prior the day of. During the day of the event, you are responsible for capturing memories. 
  • Have fun.
    • This is my own personal way of having fun. I love coffee and I love music. Lets take an engagement session for example. I find out what kind of music and coffee/drink the clients enjoy. I make sure that I come with two of their favorite drinks and a spotify playlist ready for us to listen to. It lightens the mood from the moment the shoot starts. It takes away any pressure or awkawrdness between the photographer and the client. It allows room for laughter, energy, and fun. What are some ways you create fun at a photoshoot?
  • Remember that this is about the client...not you.
    • ll in all, this day is about your client. This is a big moment in their life and they are trusting you to be a part of it. So make their day. They may ask you for a list of poses that aren't totally your style. They may ask you for your personal opinion. They may even suggest taking a photo with you. Remember that it is entirely about them and you are there to create their future memories. Be that uplifting, encouraging, and positive figure during their as you make it entirely their moment.