Howard photo + film

who chooses the music?

Short answer- we do. 
Per music licensing laws we aren't able to use just any song. The song has to be licensed. We work with several online platforms that make the licensing process easy. That being said, we have to go through those licensing platforms when looking for a song. 

Do you only take the amount of photos you deliver?

Nope! We take thousands of photos throughout your day. We aim to capture every moment regardless of how many photos we've already taken. After the day is over, we sort all of those moments down into a sizable set for you to look through!

who does photo?
who does film?

We both do both! Throughout the day we take turns posing, directing, and encouraging you and yours. We both have cameras in hand and are both fully equipped to shoot photo + film

What if we book both photo + film?

If you book us for both photo and film you've chosen a pretty great content team. We will arrive with a team of four- two photographers + two filmmakers... All of which are fully equipped and vetted to be a part of the Howard Photo + Film team.

Can I book just photo or just film?

Absolutely! We love to shoot both photo + film and would be honored to do one or both at your wedding.

do you deliver raw footage?

This is not something we deliver. A good amount of work goes into editing the footage behind the scenes. On a typical wedding day, we take hundreds of clips, many of which are just a few seconds long. All of this culled, trimmed, stabilized (if necessary), and then color graded before being compiled into the films we deliver. Editing is where our storytelling and style really comes into play when it comes to our wedding films. In order to retain our brand's integrity as well as the beauty of each story, no one but us ever sees the raw, unedited footage. 

How do you pose?


We like to say balance is key. Your wedding schedule will allow for moments to happen organically. We step in to direct where those moments occur without interfering with the authentic feel of your day.
EX: Let's put your earrings on by the window light.

When it comes to couples poses, we direct without getting in the way. You won't ever be wondering what to do with your hands, but we won't be interrupting your every move.